Big Challenge

Being an entrepreneur means I get to decide when I’ll be home, to spend time with my wife and children.

It’s not a difficult decision to make. However, developing control over the bottomless pit of required effort to establish and succeed in a business, together with prioritizing time at home.

That’s a big challenge.


Unfortunately, mankind is a word which seems lost in our vocabulary, because it suggests that we are all, of one-kind.

As a rule, most beings feel (but would never acknowledge) that their race, nationality, religion or political inclination is foremost and therefore, they’re not part of mankind, but rather a select group of the same species.

Typing into white

Typing sporadically into the white is at times a frustrating experience.

A thought materialises and you need to get it down, so that future reflection and consideration can ensue.

The problem is that the thought is yours and applies to you and your surroundings. You turn the phrase to make it comprehensible to every other being and at times succeed but, in reality, the thought is yours and yours alone.

Just as you can never fully participate in another’s thought, neither can they in yours. The subjective realm is yours alone and you feel the walls closing in.

It is precisely at this time you are ready to share and hope the opened doorway into your mind is gently entered by your fellows, who bother to wipe their feet, of preconceptions, before entering.

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A works life

I’ve always been intrigued by artistic perceptions. Just as an artist finishes their work, the works life is just getting interesting.

A good piece of work inspires praise and accolades, while the truly great works start revolutions.

Installations requiring human interaction and therefore becoming evolved by the process are, by their nature, inspiring.

Given enough incentive

Geography has never created any permanent obstacle in history, with empires starting in one part of the globe and marching clear across to the other side, given enough incentive.

The incentive in the modern age is a non-tangible quantity and varies significantly between suitors. A decision could always be made that the offering is uncompelling. However, one needs to see and understand, what is on offer before being confident of their decision.


When writing a prologue, the writer needs to be mindful of the reader’s initial impressions, which may bias the actual work.

One wants the reader to get an essence of the subject without revealing the plot. To sip, but not to drink.

But what if the prologue is the work and the balance is the digestion of it. #markbaranov